A Christmas pudding is a desert traditionally served in Christmas day. The Christmas pudding originated in England and has developed over time.


Christmas Pudding

A Christmas pudding is traditionally set alight.

A Christmas pudding is a steamed pudding containing dreid fruits and nuts, as well as spices. Some puddings are moistened with brandy (or other alcohol) and many often also contain suet. A Christmas pudding is round and very dark brown in colour, regularly topped with holly. A Christmas pudding can be kept for a long time and are often prepared months in advance. Some families have a tradition of making their Christmas pudding the year before. Many families have their own recipe for Christmas pudding, passed down through generations; however, it is now possible to buy a Christmas pudding from a supermarket.


There are many old traditions involving Christmas puddings. Some of these include:

  • Set a Christmas pudding alight with brandy by pouring the liquid over the pudding and lighting with a match.
  • Add a small silver coin to the mixture. It was believed that a silver coin would bring wwealth to the family.
  • Every member of the family stirs the pudding mixture, while making a wish.
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